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Wicket bags

Wicket bags

Our company offers a wide range of wicket packaging. Wicket bags are packaging for a wide range of products. These packages have been used in all kinds of packaging systems, from manual, semi-automatic to the packaging lines.

Wicket packaging is an excellent choice for many industries. In our offer you will find traditional wicket bags, wickets with vent holes and perforations (for breaking). Packaging can be adjusted to the customer needs.

Following the needs of our customers we have also introduced wicket bags with microperforation or macroperforation that perfectly meet the requirements of manufacturers in the food industry.

Producible types of wicket bags:

W1 – Wicket bag

W2 – Wicket bag with vent holes

W3 – Wicket bag with a horizontal perforation

flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

W4 – Wicket bag with vent holes and a horizontal perforation

W5 – Wicket bag with a bottom fold

W6 – Wicket bag with a bottom fold and vent holes

W7 – Wicket bag with microperforation or macroperforation

W8 – Wicket bag with a horizona botal perforation (to break), microperforation or macroperforation

W9 – Wicket bag with a bottom fold, microperforation or macroperforation