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Packaging and plastic film bags with printing

Packaging and plastic film bags with printing

Plastic film packaging thrive on unflagging popularity among companies from many diversified industries because it provides a cost-effective way to effectively protect the product against deterioration, decay or any other type of violation of its quality. We invest in packaging’s persistency so as to make it best perform its function. We also pay attention to manufacture only health-friendly packaging.

opakowania-foliowe flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

Producible types of plastic film plastic film bags and packaging:

As a manufacturer of plastic film packaging we offer:

We provide various kinds of bags and film packaging.

You choose length, width and height of the packaging.

We can perform flexographic printing on plastic film bags – up to 10 colors!

As an experienced manufacturer of plastic film bags we offer high- quality packaging, which can be produced on the basis of multilayer laminates:

  • transparent,
  • pearl,
  • matte,
  • metallized etc.

For the production of plastic film packaging we use the following types of film:

  • BOPP/BOPP Pearl
  • BOPP/BOPP White
  • BOPP/BOPP Matte
  • PE/PE
  • PET/PE
  • PET/BOPP Metallized/PE


  • BOPP – polypropylene film
  • CPP – CAST polypropylene film
  • PE – polyethylene film
  • PET – polyester film

In plastic film bags you can pack food, small components of mechanical devices and lots of different goods. It is also worth trying to us its surface to promote your brand and preserve your contact details in the memory of customers. Consequently, we increase the probability that the customer will choose our offer again. Plastic film bags with printing are therefore great business solution that combines both practical and marketing aspects.