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Film laminates

Film laminates

We supply high quality laminates through the use of modern laminating machines. Laminates are made with solvent-free adhesives, which gives us the flexibility in meeting high demands of our customers. We provide laminates two-, three-ply, which have the optimal barrier properties and are characterized by high esthetics.

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It’s important that the structure and properties of laminates are suitably matched to individual requirements of our customers. Our laminates are used as packaging for wide variety of food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Film laminates produced by our company find their application e.g. in food packaging on machines such as:

  • flow pack,
  • vacuum packer,
  • tray sealer,
  • high efficiency production lines.

Characteristics of laminate:

  • high mechanical endurance,
  • high resistance to weather conditions,
  • high surface hardness .
  • resistance to abrasion of paint ,
  • resistance to dirt,
  • resistance to chemicals.

Our laminates offer:

  • BOPP/BOPP Pearl
  • BOPP/BOPP White
  • BOPP/BOPP Matte
  • PE/PE
  • PET/PE
  • PET/BOPP Metallized/PE