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CPP CAST film with anti-fog

CAST CPP polypropylene film, not oriented, heat-sealable on both sides , with an additive preventing from condensation of water (anti -fog).

CPP film is a packaging material on which you can perform any printing and lamination. We sell film with the following thickness : 20µm – 120µm . CPP film is used for vertical and horizontal packaging.


  • Packaging for fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Laminates with other films
  • For vertical VFFS and horizontal HFFS packaging machines
  • Bags for food
  • Flower film
  • Film for packaging of herbs
flexo drukarnia Bielsko-Biała nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

Main properties

  • Five layered
  • Produced with anti-fog additive
  • Particularly useful where there is condensation, the deposition of small drops on the film surface in the form of fog, which limits the visibility of the product to the consumer
  • Anti-fog additive causes water to spread over the entire film evenly, so that the entire film is wetted equally
  • High gloss, high transparency, high barrier to steam
  • Resistant to mechanical factors (puncture, tear)
  • Thermal resistance
  • Ideal for sealing