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CAST CPP polypropylene film, not oriented, heat sealable on both sides , good for printing and lamination.

CAST film has very good sealing properties, it also has a strong seal as the inner layer of the laminate. PP film is non-oriented, therefore during its processing only minimal tension is allowed. Depending on the application (printing , lamination , metallization , coating) the level of ionization is guaranteed for a period of three months . CAST film is produced by extrusion on a water-cooled cylinder.


  • Laminating, printing , metallization
  • Packages which contact with high temperature – pasteurization, sterilization
  • Packaging requiring perforation
  • For vertical VFFS and horizontal HFFS packaging machines
  • Food Bags
  • Packaging for fresh products e.g. vegetables
  • Packaging for textile industry
  • Packing for sweets – torsion film
  • Flower film
  • Film for deeply frozen products
flexo drukarnia Bielsko-Biała nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

Main properties

  • Five layered
  • Produced with innovative methods that allow to obtain a material with physical properties similar to polyethylene and optical properties similar to polypropylene
  • High gloss, high transparency, high barrier to steam
  • Characteristic feature of CAST is high packaging efficiency in comparison with other films of the same thickness
  • Ideal do lamination and perforation
  • Good for sealing
  • High gloss, high transparency, high barrier to steam
  • Resistant to mechanical factors (puncture, tear)
  • Thermal resistance (alone or as a laminate layer at heightened temperatures)
  • A wide range of coefficients of friction (for high-speed packaging machines – low coefficients, and for textile packaging – high coefficients)