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BOPP metallized film


Metallized polypropylene film, biaxially oriented, heat sealable on non-metalized side.

Metalized film is produced from transparent film. This is done by covering a layer of film with a layer of aluminum in a process called a vacuum metallizing.
In the last decade such products grew in popularity. All this is caused mainly by very good technical and environmental properties as well as savings of metal in the process of production and also by the versatility of possible applications.

Compared to the well-known aluminium foil, this film does not crack nor tear, and has just a little bit lower barrier properties. Moreover, its production is cheaper and requires about 130 times less use of aluminium. The most common film used for the production of the metalized one is a polypropylene and polyester film. Both of these films are in our offer.

flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny


  • High quality rotogravure and flexographic printing
  • For covering bottles ( fullstick ) with opaque labels
  • For vertical VFFS and horizontal HFFS packaging machines
torebki-foliowe flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

Main properties

  • Very good mechanical and barrier properties (low permeability of steam and oxygen)
  • High gloss on the metalized side
  • High protection against light
  • Great whiteness
  • Excellent adhesion on the side of aluminum
  • Stable coefficient of friction

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