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Film laminates for welding on trays


Film laminates for welding on trays are innovative solutions used in various industries, especially in packaging.

Film laminates for welding on trays: Film laminates are packaging composed of at least two layers of foil, joined using special gluing or laminating technologies. In the case of foil laminates for welding on trays, the ability to weld the packaging on trays, which ensures tightness and protection of the product, plays a key role. These laminates are often used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where safety and protection from the external environment are crucial.

Tray seal film laminates offer excellent barrier properties, protecting the contents against moisture, light, gases and other external factors. Moreover, the possibility of welding on trays allows for quick and effective protection of the packaging, which is especially important in the case of products that require long-term storage.

Our tray-sealed film laminate solutions play a key role in ensuring proper protection and presentation of products on the market. Innovative technologies in film production make it possible to adapt packaging to individual customer needs, which makes these solutions increasingly popular in various industrial sectors.

Additionally, we can offer additional layers, including: EVOH, ALox or ANTIFOG.

Closure types: Easy Peel, Hard Peel or Lock Seal.

We can help you choose the right laminate for a specific type of product.