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Flexographic printing on film

Flexo printing on film

Many entrepreneurs from all around the world are willing to use the technology of flexographic printing on plastic film, for it allows to promote your brand in a similar way as rotogravure printing, yet it costs much less. This solution works well especially for low volume production, when the company wants to spend its available funds primarily on raising the standard of created goods.

Flexographic printing on film is very important nowadays, where the final product has to heavily compete with other products.

High-quality printing on film leads to the final success in increasing the number of final sales of the manufacturer.

flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

We offer both surface printing and printing between the layers up to 10 colors.

– Superior quality of printing (max 150 lpi *)

Prepress of photopolymer plates in digital technology Kodak NX, and sample printing – PROOF – simulating the final printing provide customers with safefy comprising rapid implementation of consistent with their expectations project, at affordable price.

The surfaces that can be uses for printing are:


flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

* – lpi (lines per inch ) – the parameter telling how many rows of dots ( or lines ) are arranged parallel to each other. The higher the ruling is, the finer halftone dots are, so the printed image can contain more details.