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BOPP film

Bilaterally heat-sealable transparent polypropylene film, biaxially oriented.

flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny


  • High quality rotogravure and flexographic printing
  • Lamination (especially with thin layer), with the same film or different materials
  • Production of decorative packaging for flowers, gift wrap (thicker films e.g. 40 μm)
  • For vertical VFFS and horizontal HFFS packaging machines
  • Packaging confectionery
  • Wrapping cardboard boxes
  • Packing CD, DVD, etc.
opakowania-foliowe-folia-bopp flexo drukarnia andrychów nadruki na folii druk fleksograficzny

Activation and heat sealability

The polypropylene film is one-side activated on the outer side of the roll, allowing heat sealing below the melting point of polypropylene, the sealing temperature is selected depending on the characteristics of sealing electrodes and sealing rate.

In the period of three months, counting from the date of production , the guaranteed minimum level of activation is 36 mN / m.

Main properties

  • A wide range of heat sealing temperatures
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Good physical and mechanical properties
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Admission to contact with food
  • Activated layer on the outer side of the roll
  • A wide range of sealing
  • Good thermal properties, maintaining adequate moisture and impermeability of odoriferous substances
  • Suitable slip properties and antiblocking, which allows processing in packaging machines

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